Friday, August 8, 2014

Fill {Five Minute Friday}

Welcome to my first Five Minute Friday entry!

This is an opportunity for us to free write for five minutes. No editing, just "raw" writing!

We are given a writing prompt every week, and we just write. Today's prompt is: FILL
I hope you enjoy my short entry. The reflections of my heart in five minutes


To Be Filled

To be filled is to empty myself of me so that He can occupy that space and give me strength for the day.

Taking deep breaths as I stare out my window to catch the first rays of the sun. Coffee in hand and a prayer on my lips, “Father, give me more of You, fill me up with your Spirit, I need you.”

I get filled in the silence of the morning, because that’s where I hear the voice of my Father. He waits for me. Our divine appointment, our date. He pours my cup to overflow. My Spirit is full, His word is true! He lives in me, and I am alive!

Filled. In His presence I am made new again, every day.

I can carry on with my day remembering to pour out what was poured into me. Grace, love, forgiveness, life.


  1. Amen, sister! The only way to be filled with Him to empty ourselves of us! I had the same idea today. "In His presence I am made new again, every day." That is just what I needed. I've missed being in His presence lately because of life. No more! Loved this! Visiting from FMF!

    1. Thank you Chandra!
      Crazy how life insists on pulling us away from the Lord, right? I've come to LOVE my morning quiet times. It's sacred time for me now. My days go on so different when I spend time in His presence! The days I don't, my soul misses Him all day long, as if Jesus himself tugs at my heart to spend a few minutes with him.
      I'm SO happy you found encouragement in the musings of my heart.
      Be filled with His love!
      Your new FMF friend,

  2. Hi Frances! I'm your neighbor at FMF today and a COMPEL member also. ;-) So glad you linked up today! Our thoughts went in a similar direction with today's prompt. Such a lovely reminder here that we must empty ourselves of the flesh so He can fill us with the Spirit. Thanks for sharing. I just had my second cup of coffee for the day. :-)

    1. Hello Abby!
      Thank you for connecting with me here!

      I visited your blog. Beautiful! "He fills us so that we can be emptied out" So wonderful how the Lord directed our thoughts in a similar way. Isn't that what we writers do? We get filled by our amazing Father with words and inspiration...and it is all so that we can empty ourselves and share the blessing with others.

      God bless you sister! You have a beautiful writing gift!

      I must ask! - Your coffee mug, where did you get it? I asked my husband to get me one of those as a gift some day! There is a small coffee shop here in Daytona Beach that sells them :)
      I LOVE coffee...especially in the mornings as I speak with Jesus. (I like to think He likes coffee too!)

  3. I love those precious morning times to listen to His voice, too...thanks for sharing!

  4. Thank you Susan for stopping by and connecting with me.
    God bless you and your mornings with Him. They are the best!